Growing up on the line between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez can give you a unique perspective on life. You see people making sacrifices that are unusual to others. Just try explaining to a non-local what’s like crossing the border every day for work or school. You know what I mean? We really navigate between two cultures, and the best part, it can inspire people to create their art, in whatever form that is.

Carlos Armando Garcia has a new venture called Finhabits. And having grown up on the border is actually what sparked the idea. Fast forward to New York City and a ten-year career in Wall Street. He’s now decided to get us all into the habit of investing. But why?

We had a chance to speak with him about how the idea was born, the challenges, and why it is important that we all get into investing. Check this out.

What was your inspiration to launch an investing service?

Most of us face big challenges when it comes to managing our money. Almost nobody trusts banks or has a financial advisor. If you grew up on the border like me, I bet one day you wished you’d learned more about saving, investing, IRAs, etc. The mission of Finhabits is helping people get into good financial habits, starting with investing.

Investing… What does it really mean?

Investing money means participating in the stock and bond markets. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. It’s owning small portions of large companies and lending money to governments. The goal? To earn interests and dividends that grow your money over time.

What is investing for?

It helps turn your money into the most hard-working and dedicated money it can be. You can reach goals like buying a new car, home, and why not, retiring more comfortably.


That sounds cool, but why is it a good habit?

I believe that everyone should get into the habit of investing so that little by little, its benefits add up. Think of all the small things you do on a regular basis without thinking too much. Let’s say something like brushing your teeth. The benefits of little things like those always add up.

Investing is for rich daddy boys. Right?

That’s a myth. That was true maybe twenty years ago. Investing was accessible only to those with lots of extra cash. Finhabits allows you to start investing with small amounts. All you need to start is $5 a week and some time.

What’s up with the risk of losing money?

Putting all your eggs in one single basket is risky but there are ways to lower that risk. A good thing to do is invest in a diversified portfolio like ours. I encourage you to learn more about how we invest here. 

Tax season is upon us. Can you offer us some advice?

Certain types of investments can help you reduce your taxable income. For example, a tax-deductible IRA account, which is an investment toward your retirement. Depending on eligibility you could use this money for the down payment of your first home. A contribution limit applies. But while your money is in this account you don’t pay tax on earnings.


Do you agree or disagree with the statement: “investing is not science, it is a mix of art and science”

I would say neither of those. Smart investing should be and can be accessible to everyone. New technology is key! Finhabits makes it simple for you. We take all the hard work. Believe me. We’re always working hard to eliminate unnecessary complexity, intermediaries, and hidden fees. Basically, we’re eliminating all the things that frustrated people in the past.

What do you miss about living on the border?

Ha! I miss my people, burritos, and biking through the desert.

Got a question on investing for Carlos Armando? Reach him on Twitter at @GarciaCarlosAr

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