My name is Zeke. I’m a cartoonist, an illustrator and a painter working here in El Paso,Tejas. Most of my work is about living on the border and remixing historical narratives with what’s going on today. I use comics, indigenous cosmology and frontera rasquachismo to tell stories.

I’m interested in subverting American history and reclaiming stories that were burned by colonialism; resistencia one cartoon at a time. The FUNKTERRA cartoons are about radical border funk of the future. They envision an alternative reality after the revolution I see happening on the border with politics and transfronteriza culture. The queer Xicana poet/theorist Gloria Anzaldúa once called it, “The new mestizaje”—a transgression, resistance and reclaiming of space on the fringes of 2 oppressive nations. Somos el raíz de maíz, la raza de maza growing in the cracks of the border wall. A Corn People’s Revolution where we free our minds and our nalgas will follow.

To check out more of Zeke’s art go to:

Instagram: @zpvisual

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