Text: Valeria Contreras |  Photos: Alex Durán

As thunderstorms bring new life to the desert, the instantly recognizable scent of summer rain follows. Temperatures drop and a chance of the sniffles lingers—causing colds and coughs all around us. Luckily, nature never fails us—and has provided its own healing remedies in the form of herbs and teas.

At Tippi Teas, owners Jose Murguia and Daniela Casavantes have got us covered with over 75 different kinds of loose-leaf teas, several of which have their own healing properties. Their unique selection is sourced from all over the world, including countries such as Japan, China, Mexico and Peru.

“We prefer healing through herbs because it’s more natural. A lot of every day health issues can be solved by incorporating tea into your diet. If you have a cold, maybe it’s better to have tea,” Murguia said.

After living off the grid for about 2 years in southern Mexico, the husband and wife team returned to the Borderland to bring their vast knowledge of healing herbs and medicinal teas. Ranging from green tea to wellness teas, Tippi Teas’ selection is available to see, smell and drink as a tea or latte at either location, each with its own distinct, relaxing atmosphere.


Both of our locations offer an open space for the community because we think tea is the medium for conversation,” Murguia said. “Tea makes you stop and look within. We give you a 3, 5 or 7 minute timer to help you stop and think.”

Depending on the type of tea, the time varies. As your tea sits and steeps, the timer allows you the opportunity to sit, think and communicate with your partner or those around you.

“Tea creates conversation and conversation creates community,” Murguia said.

However, tea, and all of its medicinal, social and mental benefits, is not the only thing you can experience at Tippi Teas.

The menu is vegan—but don’t even consider underestimating its offerings for that reason. Their selection is tasty—offering munchies that are both delicious and healthy. Besides tea, Tippi Teas offers herbs, super food smoothies, fresh juices, high-grade organic matcha and vegan Thai ice cream made with only fresh ingredients.


The vegan Thai ice cream, the first of its kind in El Paso, is a dairy-free ice cream made with coconut cream and agave. Tippi Teas instantly prepares its magic right in front of you, creating the ice cream in a freezing pan on the spot. After watching the artistic process, you can also add toppings such as fresh fruit, raw cacao, hemp seeds, mochi and pocky sticks. Everything is made from scratch, including the raw drizzle made with coconut and dates.

No artificial sweeteners. No syrups.

Because at Tippi Teas, you can have your ice cream and eat it too—all while enjoying some good conversation and good vibes from the people around you.

“I’m a healthy bartender,” Murguia said with a smile. “I like learning about and supporting my community. People come in feeling good and leave feeling better! When you give good energy you get some back. It’s Instant Karma!”

As far as future plans go for Tippi Teas—Murguia and Casavantes only hope to continue spreading the love in the Borderland.

“We want to keep [Tippi Teas] in El Paso. Make it an El Paso thing. We want to embrace our city, desert, culture and promote a healthy lifestyle that’s not only physical, but also mental and spiritual,” Murguia said.


Tippi Teas has 2 magical locations:

UTEP) 2501 N Stanton St.

West Side) 5034 Doniphan Dr.

Treat Yourself to the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Tippi Teas offers the following blends to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle

  • Happy Tea – Antidepressant, energizing herbal blend
  • Energy Spirit – Energy booster with ginseng yerba mate and green tea
  • Smarty Pants – Green tea and herbs for focus, memory and retention
  • Chill Out – Herbal Relaxer, calming herbs that stimulate relaxation and will give restful profound sleep
  • Natures Blanket – Immune system booster great for fighting or healing a cold, flu or sore throat



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