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Gustavo Pimentel is an award winning artist currently working at Pumping Ink Tattoo in El Paso, Texas. Born and raised EL Paso Texas, he is also known to his friends and family as “Gusto.” He found his passion for art through years of watching his own artist father Mr. Pimentel (RIP). Gusto began to draw at the early age of 5 and continued honing his skills over the course of his young adult life, until he finally discovered the amazing art of body modification. Pumping Ink has been his home shop for his entire tattoo career; he prefers to work in realism portraits and black and grey. He has built a widely respected recognition among his peers for amazing work and incredible skill.

Omar Macias

Omar Macias, owner of Wyze Guyz Tattoo Parlor in El Paso, TX has a unique and diverse talent. Coming from the streets of South Gate, Ca, with over 20 years experience, Omar is skilled in grafitti and homemade tattoo machines. He has also done European Tattoo Tours with Unauthorized Ink (UI). Omar and the crew at Wyze Guyz are dedicated to the originality and creation of every piece of art, trust and dedication of every client. From street art, cultura art, photorealism and black & gray, they know no boundaries.

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 Ernie ‘SerV.One’ Rojas first experience to develop his career as a tattoo artist was at Pumping Ink in El Paso. The creation of his art spans from aerosol to acrylic and has also done body art in multiple different states and countries. He currently owns a studio which also doubles as an art gallery in Peoria, Arizona called Top Rocker Tattoo.

“I am proud to say I grew as a multi-cultural artist in El Paso Texas.” — SerV.One

Fabian Cobos

Fabian Cobos was born and raised in El Paso and has been practicing the fine art of tattooing since 2002. He opened Golden Goose Tattoo in 2011 and it is considered to be one of the cities premier tattoo parlors. He is known for his ability to tattoo in multiple styles.

Tattoo Arena Host:

Vanessa Jayme

Serenity Plaza



West Texas Tattoo

Ralf jauregui

Eric Melendez

(Owner-Eric Ward)


Inked Up 24/7

Michael Aragon


Renegade Tattoo

Orlando Rodriguez (Owner)

Manny Silva

Saul Favela

Raul Frias


Done n Cane Tattoo

Victor Anzaldua

Matthew Craig

Jose Herrera


Wyze Guyz Tattoo Parlor




Horizon BLVD Tattoo

Jorge Calderon


Ink Xpressions Tattoo

Alex Bexfield

Jorge Barron


Forever Ink Tattoo

David Alcalas

Joel Avila


Ink Therapy Studio

Veronica Lee (owner)

Andy Zapien


Golden Goose Tattoo

Fabien Cobos


Insane Asylum Tattoos

Amy Mitchell

Ryan Egnatoff


Crimson Veil Tattoo

Joshua Kassner

Sarah Castillo


Fox Labyrinth

Viviana Contreras

Dario Contreras

Lally Budgen



Do’s & Tattoos

Mark Perez


Royale Ochoa


Texas Ink Slinger

Fred Murphy



Tattoo Dans

Daniel Gonzales


Blood Line Ink

Javier Landeros

Johnny Salgado


Immortal Tattoo





Blue Panda Tattoo

Robert Martinez

Steph Guiterrez

Gorge Medina


Ernie Serv 1 Rojas 

Top Rocker Tattoo



Tinta Rebelde Custom Tattoos

Rockabilly Ray


Los Angeles, California


The Side Show Studio

Rafael Robles






Kurtis (Owner)



Pumping Ink Tattoo Parlor

Lil Alex

Gusto Pimentel

Horse Hernandez

Vegas Perez

Pablo Arguelles

Gibby Martinez

Angel Barrios

Enrique Smallwood

Meteor Dozal

Mat x3r0

Gilbert Hernandez

Pete Ybarra



Soldier Mike 

Michael Lance



Notorious Tattoo Gallery

Pelon owner




Luis Romo

Rick Uribe


Sun City Tattoo

Eduardo Borunda

Samantha Sena

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