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My name is Zeke. I’m a cartoonist, an illustrator and a painter working here in El Paso,Tejas. Most of my work is about living on the border and remixing historical narratives with what’s…

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Fusion Magazine #103 | The Art Scene in la Frontera

Fusion Magazine presents its annual edition highlighting the border art scene. This issue features a handful of artists that are contributing to our local community. We recognize that the artists we are highlighting…

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Postre Prints | Prints for Dessert

  Text: Karl Whitaker Postmodern, post “Desert Triangle,” postre. It’s time for dessert, one year after the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art. We are proud to showcase…


Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Art Center Exhibits Explore Architecture and Borders

  Text: Eric Acosta | Photo: Rubin Art Center  Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Art Center exhibits explore architecture and borders. El Paso is maturing—whether it’s a big or small change, it is clear…


Reclaim The River

Text + photos: Zeke Peña The river has always been the foundation of life in this area and although water now comes from our faucets, it’s worth remembering that we live in a…


Bravo/Grande Community Arts Project

BRAVO/GRANDE is a community arts project focusing on the middle Rio Grande/Río Bravo and living people of the region. Through creative collaborative efforts this project raises awareness about the current state of the…


Fusion Gallery | Marco Sánchez

Marco Sánchez was born in Ciudad Juárez in 1983 and moved to El Paso when he 11 years old. He first began to enjoy drawing in second grade when there was an assignment…

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Desert Triangle Print Carpeta

An art agitator wandered through Tucson, Albuquerque and El Paso poking, annoying and commissioning local talent to create large prints—and found gold in our desert. The artists delivered the kind of prints that…


Crafting Masterpieces Live at NDMF

Neon Desert has become an El Paso tradition. It is a hotbed of music, art, and creativity. Along with this year’s musical lineup, which includes heavy hitters such as Cypress Hill, DJ Kaskade…

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