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Graficomovil: The Art of Artemio Rodriguez | Event Recap

Graficomovil, The Art of Artemio Rodriguez and his touring mobile gallery, was a fantastic event this past weekend! We’d like to thank Artemio, Enrique Barrios, Adam Marshall and Anthony Flores from San Carlos Building, The Hoppy Monk, &…


Fusion Magazine presents: Graficomovil, the art of Artemio Rodriguez

Fusion Magazine presents: Graficomóvil, the art of Artemio Rodríguez and his touring mobile gallery “Over the Wall.”   Graficomóvil has toured throughout different places including California, Kansas and Colorado in various museums. His…

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El Paso Burger & Craft Beer Festival

The animated flick Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, in all of its food orgy, glutton-worthy glory, helped spawn the idea for El Paso Burger and Craft Beer Festival, which takes place April…


The Hoppy Monk | Pushing a Craft Beer Revolution

When entrepreneurs Beto Longoria and Joseph Valenzuela set out to open The Hoppy Monk six years ago, they had one goal in mind, support true craft breweries and support independent community partners. With…

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Fusion Magazine #90 | The El Paso Beer Scene

Thanks to Gabriel Gutiérrez for this month’s cover!! FUSION Magazine reaches 90!!! This issue is dedicated to the craft beer scene in El Paso, Texas, so prepare to take a tour with us as we…

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The Hoppy Monk—San Antonio

Joseph Valenzuela and Beto Longoria introduced beer enthusiasts to The Hoppy Monk, El Paso’s first craft beer pub, 4 years ago. Their unique concept set in motion a craft beer movement that was…


10 Spots to check out while home for the holidays!

Moving away from home…at some point in our lives, we all do it. Then, the inevitable homesickness slowly takes over until we buckle, booking the first flight out, and coming back. If it’s…

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