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The Spaces Between Things & Places | The Photography of Peter Svarzbein

Txt: Alex Durán | Photo: Peter Svarzbein Like many El Pasoans, Peter Svarzbein left his hometown to pursue a higher education. His ambition led him to Lancaster, PA, where he got his undergraduate degree…

Fus 2

Fusion Gallery | Patrick Craig

How did you discover photography?  Throughout my life I’ve sketched and painted and have always been interested in some form of art. As cell phones evolved with cameras, I discovered photography as a…

The Architecture of Sex Flyer

Kurt Hollander | The Architecture Of Sex

For two weeks, Kurt Hollander lived in and documented Motel Kiss Me, the largest and most popular love motel in Cali, Colombia. With 180 thematic rooms, each one representing different cities and cultures around the world with paintings,…


Tingladography presenta: Fotografía Mexicana Intervenida.

Tingladography regresa con una nueva exposición: “Fotografía Mexicana Intervenida”. Se trata de una selección de fotografías encontradas, tomadas hace algunos ayeres y todas con un común denominador que es que son retrato de…

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