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The Spaces Between Things & Places | The Photography of Peter Svarzbein

Txt: Alex Durán | Photo: Peter Svarzbein Like many El Pasoans, Peter Svarzbein left his hometown to pursue a higher education. His ambition led him to Lancaster, PA, where he got his undergraduate degree…


Peter Svarzbein | A Better Tomorrow Today

We have been told that we don’t matter, that we don’t vote, that our generation is apathetic. We have heard voices warn us about false hope and they will only become louder in…

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Fusion Magazine #80

Welcome to our 80th edition of Fusion Magazine featuring 30 Years of Balloonfest put together by El Paso rock station KLAQ 95.5 on your FM dial. 80 PRINT issues has been no easy…

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Fusion Magazine #70

7 years and 70 issues ago, Fusion Magazine was created to fill a huge void within the El Paso/Juarez art, music and culture scene. Since our emergence, we’ve expanded our distribution to Marfa,…

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El Paso Transnational Trolley Project

Using 2,000 portraits of people from both sides of the border (that he took himself), Peter Svarzbein has put together a photo mosaic portraying an old trolley car as a symbol of a…

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