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Entre Libros, Playboys 70’teras y un gato somnoliento.

Soulfood Taqueria Por: Rafael A. Revilla Romero @rafastarix Fotos: Daniela Acosta @violet_dny Sabemos que el internet está cambiando nuestra vida, las redes sociales, los blogs, periódicos y medios impresos ayudan bastante a esparcir…


Fusion Magazine #48

Fusion Magazine #48 Issue is out now! With the 25 Best Albums of 2011 by Fusion Mag Staff/Skrillex: The new kid on the block/Kids of Castro/Yo! Linares /Mattox-Hourglass Single/The 5 Best  films of…


Fusion Magazine #44

Check out Fusion Mag #44: Billy Dee Williams Interview | Hello Seahorse Interview | Cass Maccombs | Big Freedia | Sunset Heights Block Party | Andy Rourke | The Dope Fiends | Soulfood…

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Fusion Magazine #43

This month we have Especialy for you Rancho Grande! Royal Bangs Interview, Coolin’ with Abstract Rude, 2011: First-Half Round-Up, Musica XXL: Razones de Peso, Borders Must be Broken – Puro Borde!, Local Music…

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Fusion Magazine #42

Amy Nicoletto Interview, Texas Tattoo Showdown cialis made in the usa 2011, Steve Kruger: A Marked Man, Female Ink, Circus Bizarre, Soulfood Taqueria, Bass in your Face, Fusion Gallery: Mitch O’Connel, The Barbed…

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Fusion Magazine #41

FUSION Magazine #41 / Deftones /Post Neon Desert/The Strokes/El Tan/Lost&Found/Festival Paradise/Rodolfo Baquier “Mostasho” in Fusion Gallery & Much More  

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