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One of the Brave

Text: Fusion | Photos: One Of The Brave Rooftops, mountain peaks, hard to reach places and “DANGER – DO NOT ENTER” signs seem to encourage One Of The Brave to explore the unknown…

Raíces de Vida y Muerte Catálogo 28Enero2016 (1)-1

Miguel Valverde | Raíces de Vida y Muerte

Entre la vida y la muerte están el ego y el corazón. Muchos consideran estos términos como opuestos, otros los articulan como complementarios. Raíces de Vida y Muerte es la obra plástica bajo…


Kristin Freeman

Kristin was born and raised in Texas and enjoys spending her free time hiking and swimming in the cool waters of the Blanco River—a nature girl at heart. Kristin finds tremendous inspiration in…

Cactus Jack

Fusion Gallery | Enrique Barrios: It’s Art, Dad

Yo nací en Juárez en el ´82 y nos lanzamos a El Paso en el ´90. En toda mi experiencia escolar siempre batallé con las materias y en vez de poner atención, me…

The Architecture of Sex Flyer

Kurt Hollander | The Architecture Of Sex

For two weeks, Kurt Hollander lived in and documented Motel Kiss Me, the largest and most popular love motel in Cali, Colombia. With 180 thematic rooms, each one representing different cities and cultures around the world with paintings,…

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Desert Triangle Print Carpeta

An art agitator wandered through Tucson, Albuquerque and El Paso poking, annoying and commissioning local talent to create large prints—and found gold in our desert. The artists delivered the kind of prints that…


Fusion Gallery | Juan C. Escobedo

Trained in traditional painting methods, Juan C. Escobedo draws inspiration from dreams and childhood memories. Born in El Paso, Tx and raised in Sunland Park, NM, Escobedo’s work includes traditional painting as well…

camino mundos-01

Walk Among Worlds—an installation by Maximo Gonzalez

Maximo Gonzalez’s “Walk Among Worlds”, installation will be at Chalk The Block this weekend October 9th to 11th in Downtown El Paso. Máximo González was born in Entre Ríos, Argentina (1971). He studied…


Fusion Gallery: Make Shift by Los Dos

Make Shift is an ongoing series of public art installations—by collaborative artists Los Dos—where characters based on everyday people are painted and pasted on walls throughout the city landscape, activating creative place making….

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El Paso’s original live art and music event will soon be celebrating its 5th birthday—La Parada originated in 2010 and has persevered through trials and tribulations, personal issues and stumbling blocks, coming out…

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