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Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

For the third year in a row, Peter Murphy visited El Paso to offer a flawless performance combined with a very dark ambient setting that led to a very interesting evening. The opening band from Austin, My Jerusalem, played a ten-song-set leaving the crowd more than ready for Peter’s show. Before Peter got on stage, the lights were off and they slowly began to increase in intensity, but not beyond the point of a mysterious ambient for Peter’s entrance. It is worth to note that the three shows were very personal and intimate, just like he said on the 35th Bauhaus Anniversary Tour: “El Paso always welcomes me with a very intimate crowd, making the show very personal for me”.

This past Sunday, July the 27th, the waiting was over for many fans; noticing that most of them were old school Peter Murphy fans, and a few young fans, but we all were singing our hearts out when Mr. Moonlight started to play some old Bauhaus songs such as Silent Hedges, She’s In Parties, Stigmata Martyr, and of course some of the best songs of his solo career like Low Room, Strange Kind of Love, Cuts You Up. Hopefully, we will have Peter in El Paso next year. I see this like a yearly ritual, and we all, Peter Murphy and Bauhaus fans, hope that this continues over and over.

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