12420_1303803832968276_7418954642756252986_nMattox is a band from El Paso and Juárez, combining ambient, electronic and rock into this album called El País de los Desaparecidos, definitely an interesting band to keep an eye on.

943996_10150627145404987_4694390052075533075_nExplosions In The Sky‘s return after a long time without new music is another piece of modern art. Escape to The Wilderness and get lost for a while on these sounds.

12809576_964471033629452_4717513126360264829_nEx Tiny Vipers and Windsor for the Derby, Benjamin Cissner releases a solo LP called Birds in the Night. “Follow You Down” is the slowest and darkest song from the LP with all that melancholic goodness you need in your life.

12376342_1545112859122489_6110524963843832636_nFollin is a duo formed by the brothers Follin, Madeline (Cults) and Richie James (Guards). This project will probably get you dancing all summer.

10478123_906270952805371_8128081715231941700_nNew Amstrdm is a high energy new alternative rock band from Chihuahua, this is a live version from the Dark Sessions of their song “Desert Sun”

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