Dream Chasers Club is a new art gallery to set foot in downtown El Paso, TX. Known as DCC for short, the gallery gives off a chill Brooklyn street style vibe with an aesthetic artistic twist that creator, owner and artist himself JAM!, built from scratch located on Santa Fe Street across from The El Paso Art Museum. The walls are covered in pieces of art all designed by JAM! along with t-shirts, cropped tanks, undies, caps and tote bags all printed with the DCC logo and even locally grown cactus, giving DCC a unique name for itself.

“I want to help promote art and help El Paso experience a new wave of art and bring new opportunities to expose people who have possibly never been outside of El Paso. I want my gallery to be an inspiration and even a daily affirmation to let positive influence into people’s life,” JAM! says.

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JAM! has been creating art his whole life; DCC has been a running project for 5 years now. Jumping from coast to coast, he has lived on the east coast and also in California and hopes to one day in the near future, make another DCC gallery in the golden state.

JAM! will bring different artists every month into his gallery to share an exhibit and sell their work. Not only is he promoting art shows, but will start open mic night beginning every other Thursday in May. He has teamed up with recording studio Sound Stage 9 to create this open mic night so that musicians chasing their dreams can get the chance to come out and show people true talent, with the possible chance of landing a record deal. JAM! is all about “the dream” he shares with us, his purpose in making DCC:

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“I make art and I created this gallery as a self motivator and a way to power yourself and share that with others so that they too can go out and strive to chase their dreams. When I was living in the east coast, my best friend at the time told me my art sucked and that I wasn’t going to go anywhere with it. So that was kind of something that motivated me and pushed me harder to open my own gallery and bring a new aspect of the art world to El Paso,” he says, while sitting next to his mom who is wearing a pink DCC shirt.


Text: Illiana Curiel


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