The Deep Shadows | Cosmic Soul Music

Text: Denise Nelson Prieto Local foursome The Deep Shadows has burst on the scene with a take on local music. Their self-appointed descriptor—“cosmic soul music”—is right on the money.  Freshly-dropped single, “Juggernaut,” is…


Calavera Studio | Hecho en Juaritos

  Texto + fotos: Alba García La sombría imagen e identidad triste de una ciudad atribuida por violencia y crimen, se desvanece mientras se ilustra con alegres matices y figuras tatuadas en las…


The Boys Are Back in Town: At The Drive-In Live in El Paso

Text: Daniel Salas  I don’t remember the very first time I saw At The Drive-In. Back in the day shows would pop-up anywhere in the 90s El Paso punk scene—backyards, restaurants and at…

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Fusion Magazine #98 | AT THE DRIVE-IN 2017!

Spring is here and so is the new edition of Fusion Mag #98. In this issue we have the local legends At The Drive In​ on the cover which put El Paso out…


420 Gets Underway at Smokers Paradise

Smokers unite this 420 to celebrate that most beloved of vice-inspired holidays.  Smokers Paradise, located at 3233 N. Mesa and 1090 Country Club Rd in Santa Teresa, will commence this highly anticipated celebration…

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Luis Colomo | Arte de la Frontera

Texto: Fernanda León Nacido un 6 de diciembre de 1990 en la ciudad de El Paso, Texas, Luis Colomo es un artista que siempre ha estado rodeado de la cultura de la frontera….


Proyecto ANAPRA | Creatividad a Base de Necesidad

Texto + fotos: Alba García Para muchos, es reconocida como una zona marginada económicamente y socialmente, para otros es una fuente de potencial creativo y artístico alejado de la ciudad. ANAPRA toma una…


Charles Bukowski Would Love The Orwells

Text: Isabel Aleman The Orwells put on a show that would make your mom blush—wether the band is fighting with the sound guy in Dallas, getting arrested or fighting in London. Their shows…

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The Curious History Of The Gateway Hotel

  Text: Crysti Couture Although the face of Downtown El Paso has been continuously changing, many of the buildings that were built 100 years ago still stand today: the Plaza Hotel, Mills Building,…


Crave: El Paso Comfort Food

Text: Valeria Contreras | Photo: Fusion For over 8 years, Crave has been the cream of the crop of restaurants in El Paso. Since the opening of its first location, on Cincinnati Street,…

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