Rafa Esparza Brings Tierra. Sangre. Oro. to Marfa

Ballroom Marfa is pleased to announce Tierra. Sangre. Oro., an exhibition envisioned by artist Rafa Esparza. The program will include new installation, performance, and sculptural work from Esparza alongside collaborations and contributions from…

101_Generation Boom_Angel Cabrales_2010

Fusion Gallery | Angel Cabrales

Txt: Denise Nelson Prieto For sculptor and UTEP visiting professor Angel Cabrales, art goes beyond a form of self-expression. It is also a means of creating dialogue about current social issues like immigration,…


Celeste Byers

Celeste Byers is an avid nature worshipper and existential enthusiast from San Diego, CA. Her work conveys the mysticism in everyday life and magic beyond what we can perceive. Inspired by the natural…



Text: Alex Durán Hoyote is a visual artist who incorporates pop culture elements into his craft to create his own style he refers to as surrealistic psychedelia. Born in El Paso and currently…

Los Visionaries

Art Showcase to Be Bigger During This Year’s NDMF

Neon Desert Music Festival has become a favorite event for El Pasoans (and even out-of-towners) to celebrate or attend during Memorial Day weekend. It is an event full of music, art and all…


Nicola Formichetti | El Rasputín de la Moda

Texto: Björzh Znchz  La historia de este talentoso personaje no está basada en golpes de suerte o de patrocinios caídos del cielo. Es una crónica de trabajo inteligente, intuitivo y de talento nato….


Calavera Studio | Hecho en Juaritos

  Texto + fotos: Alba García La sombría imagen e identidad triste de una ciudad atribuida por violencia y crimen, se desvanece mientras se ilustra con alegres matices y figuras tatuadas en las…

Sebastian Autographed Print

Luis Colomo | Arte de la Frontera

Texto: Fernanda León Nacido un 6 de diciembre de 1990 en la ciudad de El Paso, Texas, Luis Colomo es un artista que siempre ha estado rodeado de la cultura de la frontera….

Karl Print Collection-FAV3-OCT2016-0029

Postre Prints | Prints for Dessert

  Text: Karl Whitaker Postmodern, post “Desert Triangle,” postre. It’s time for dessert, one year after the Desert Triangle Print Carpeta exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art. We are proud to showcase…


Hermosos Huesos

Text: Valeria Contreras |  Photo: Courtesy of Wayne Hilton  La Calavera Catrina—coquette, elaborately dressed and beloved by many, stands front and center in Wayne Hilton’s latest exhibition at the El Paso Museum of Art—“Hermosos…

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