DSC_7013_1Beck made everybody go out of their minds at his performance at The Abraham Chavez. After he introduced himself, everybody forgot about their seats for the next few hours. There was no opening act, but Beck doesn’t even need an opening act to be honest; his spectacular visuals and the quality of his performance created the best ambience, making the crowd dance and sing along to his all-time greatest hits digging all the way back to Odelay favorites “Sissyneck,” and the experimental hip-hop “Hotwax,”and throwing in there of course, the song that sent Beck into the limelight, the crowd pleasing “Loser” was sung along with fury and happiness. He even covered Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” and Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” Beck made sure to include plenty of song from his most recent album Morning Phase in the middle part of his performance, keeping it fresh with his new material—“Say Goodbye” and “Walking Light” are a set of newbies that fit right in to the Beck repertoire. He even mentioned that he might come and record his next album somewhere in Texas (El Rancho Sonico maybe?!). El Guero returned to the stage to finish his performance with an encore of two songs—“Debra and “Where It’s At.” Beck’s great music along with the many silly jokes made the night worth every minute—definitely a joyous evening with Beck.


-Devil’s Haircut
-Black Tambourine
-Soul of a Man
-One Foot in the Grave
-Qué Onda Güero
-Blue Moon
-Blackbird Chain
-Say Goodbye
-Waking Light
-Think I’m in Love / I Feel Love (Donna Summer cover)
-Modern Guilt
-Soldier Jane
-The Golden Age
-Lost Cause
-Don’t Let it Go
-Country Down
-Gamma Ray
-Sissyneck / Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)

-Where It’s At


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