The Fusion Soundbuzz #0038

“Honey Bun” Elastic Bond Honey Bun “It gets more Blue” Girlpool Powerplant “Scared Money” NxWorries Yes Lawd! “No hay Amor en las Calles” Los Nastys Cannibal Business “My Lover…


Fernet: The Curious Case of an Old Liqueur

Text: Michelle Fierro Fernet. That popular, pretty green bottle with the orange label that sits on the shelf of many a bar. You’ve seen it pop-up in more places in our city and…

NVZ_ Artist Photo

Ned Van Zandt: Sid & Nancy’s Former Neighbor Tells His Story

  Text: John R.P. Del Rosario   Ned Van Zandt has lived a distinctly American life. He’s written about it in his one-man play “Del Valle” which recounts his life from residing in the…


The Fusion Soundbuzz #0037

“True Believer” Clipping. Splendor & Misery “Territory” The Blaze Territory “Sugar for the Pill” Slowdive Slowdive “Swim” Her Tape #2 “Cost of the Summer” Night Things Suscribe to…

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Luis Colomo | Arte de la Frontera

Texto: Fernanda León Nacido un 6 de diciembre de 1990 en la ciudad de El Paso, Texas, Luis Colomo es un artista que siempre ha estado rodeado de la cultura de la frontera….


Proyecto ANAPRA | Creatividad a Base de Necesidad

Texto + fotos: Alba García Para muchos, es reconocida como una zona marginada económicamente y socialmente, para otros es una fuente de potencial creativo y artístico alejado de la ciudad. ANAPRA toma una…


Charles Bukowski Would Love The Orwells

Text: Isabel Aleman The Orwells put on a show that would make your mom blush—wether the band is fighting with the sound guy in Dallas, getting arrested or fighting in London. Their shows…


Drab Majesty

Text: Kimmy Quan | Photo: Drab Majesty It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and we are standing outside of Monarch Bar on a cold windy night in February, the members of Drab Majesty…

Guaranty 2

The Curious History Of The Gateway Hotel

  Text: Crysti Couture Although the face of Downtown El Paso has been continuously changing, many of the buildings that were built 100 years ago still stand today: the Plaza Hotel, Mills Building,…


The Fusion Soundbuzz #0036

“Slip Away” Perfume Genius No Shape “Ilumíname” Manitas Nerviosas Ilumíname “Look Like That” Sneaks It’s A Myth “Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)” Downtown Boys “Hey Muse!” The Suburbs Hey…

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