True fact about Vikings—they never stop and never rest! Amon Amarth is proving that they’re the bravest Viking band from all over the world. It’s been a year since they began their Deceiver of the Gods tour and it’s not over yet. El Paso was one of their stops as they make their way around the world.

Tricky Falls was crowded with metal heads from around the border. Together we all gave a very warm welcome to Sabaton for their very first show in our town.

Regrettably, the vocalist of the band, Skeletonwitch, had some issues and could not perform, but this wasn’t an excuse for the band not to play.

By the time Amon Amarth took over the stage, the place was packed. The band played a set of 15 songs and when they left the stage, the crowd chanted for more; they returned to play an encore of 2 more songs. They closed the night with…of course…”The Pursuit of Vikings.”


PHOTOS: Saul Torres

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